Getting Started

Welcome to Feitian reader website, this page we will introduce our card reader product, include the usage and based on reader to do development. If you encounter any problems when using Feitian smart card reader, have a look at the FAQ list first, and raise an issue on Github or send mail to

What we do

Feitian is high technologiy company, we focus on authetnication and identification solution and product, our card reader product based on global standard to do development, and do certification in worldwide for different industries.

We offer hardware card reader and middleware/SDK, allow uses to do deeply intergration. and we also offer software/Application development services based on customer requirments.

This web introduce Feitian card reader product, for end user and developers.

What's card reader

A smart card reader is an electronic device that reads smart cards and can work with smart card to do authentication and identification.

Feitian is a vendor which has strong development ability and production experencise for card reader product, we enter this market from 2007. we always focus on latest technology and provide creative product to win the market.

our card reader product line based on different industry usage, release creative product.

Why use card reader

Few reaons explain why need use smart card reader:

  • The smartcard can be used with a smart-card reader attachment to a personal computer to authenticate a user.

  • Web browsers also can use smart card technology to supplement secure sockets layer(SSL) for improved security of Internet transaction

  • A smart card also be used as credit card in size and shape for the payment

  • And the smart cards also is popular for goverment and enterprice, for example the people ID and health insurance, the user need to have smart card to identification himself

The most common industries that used smart card reader:

  • eBanking - embeded Payment devices or Electronic cash

  • Computer security systems - security login with smart card

  • Loyalty systems - like frequent flyer points

  • eGoverment identification - country eID, country eHealthcare

  • Transportation

What we offer

We have strong experencise on smart card reader product, include contact and contactless technology, our product sold to country ID and bankings worldwide.

And the rich product line for different platform, help people improve their efficiency.

Communication Interface supported

Interface USB Lightning Bluetoth 3.0 Bluetooth 4.0 Audiojack

SDK supported

Interface USB Lightning Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth 4.0
Private API

Platform supported

Android iOS Windows Linux macOS Embeded OS
Bluetooth 3.0
Bluetooth 4.0

Case studies

Use for goverment ID

If using the reader for ID card, you may need install the middleware/software from gvoerment website, and work on internet explore or chrome to do secure access(SSL), and after identifiied your self, you can use goverment service, like check your education, insurance and pay e-Tax and so on.

Use for eHealthcare

The most usage case in hospital, the doctor needs check the patient identity with Medical insurance card.

Use for Enterprise

The internet become more and more open, to avoid hacker stolen data, the enterprise security become more and more important, some company applied PKI(Public Key Infrastructure) solution to do authentication, to access company resource, secure login and door access.

Use for payment

The user can use reader as a payment channel, all credit card has contact and contactless chipset embeded to have strong security, they need to card reader to read smart card do consume and transfer their money based on payment terminalS.

Use for Access Control

Feitian works few access control vendor provide their reader module to do access control, and we also offer access control solution with Feitian fingerprint card + AC100(Access control System).