Reader Products

Based on different interfaces and connectors, Feitian sells many high quality products, you can find our reader portfolio below

Apple/Lightning Contact Reader

The reader is based on Apple lightning connection, It can be used in combination with your iPhone/iPad.

Bluetooth Contact or Contactless Reader

Uses Bluetooth Technology + Card reader, Has multi-platform support

USB Contact Reader

Standard USB reader based on USB Type A and Type C, supports PC and Android platform.

USB Contactless Reader

Standard contactless reader which support Mifare, Type A, Type B and VHBR.

USB Dual Interface Reader

Combination reader which can support Contact + Contactless + SAM.

iBeacon Device

The iBeacon is used to send out shopping vouchers, charging points.

Biometric Reader

Combo reader (Contact + Contactless) with Biometric protection.


Feitian supports OEM module for embedded Machine or Devices.

Full industry specification supported

Feitian always focuses on the latest technology

The reader products currently support the global standards, these include contact and contactless, and all of them have been used globally. We will always focus on the latest technology to provide the best product for our customers


For Developer

All Feitian readers are developed based on the CCID protocol. Which is the global standard, Developers can communicate with reader directly with SDK based on CCID specification, Feitian also provide an open source SDK for mobile platform, you can find out more information from our developer page.


Open Source

Implementation with global standard

Feitian focuses on hardware and firmware, the software/SDK is open source, each customer is able to develop their own SDK based on our products.

If you haven’t found a suitable product or have questions, then please fill in the form below