title: OTG Reader

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The **OTG reader **means the smart card reader based on OTG(on the go) technology, The OTG works on android platform.

We release our OR301 which based on Type C interface, and the casing choose metal to make it stronger.

OR301 is a kind of high-speed contact smart card reader, which is used for Android environment or relevant smart card environment. It is compliant with standard CCID specification and USB 2.0 interface (also the USB 1.1 interface). The R301 reader can operate all CLASS A, CLASS B and CLASS C smart cards which are compliant with ISO 7816-1/2/3.

The standard size IC card which is compliant with ISO 7816-3 can be supported stably as well. As the mandatory processing device of smart card integrated systems, R301 reader can greatly increase the security of the whole application. It can be widely used in financial, social security, telecom, online banking, e-business, authentication, e-government and other CPU based high level security card application fields.

The reader named OR301, "O" means OTG(On the Go), and R301-C, the "-C" means this device used same casing, but with different connector.

For the OR301 reader, currently, we release below devices.

Product Name Casing number Describtion Notes
OR301 C51 Contact reader with USB Type C Sleeve reader for Samsung S9
OR301 C60 Contact reader with USB Type C Dongle reader for all Android device with Type C interface
R301-C C25,C11,C41,B8 Contact reader with USB Type C With Type C cable, and works for PC and Android
R502-Dual-C C9 Dual interface reader with USB Type C With Type C cable, and works for PC and Android
R502-CL-C C10 Contactless reader with USB Type C With Type C cable, and works for PC and Android


Please go to product page, and download latest spec.

Hardware Configuration

OR301 has two lights, blue and red.

Item Means Notes
red light USB connection status, turn ON means powered by host, otherwise, the reader doesn't power ON correctly
Blue light Inform the card slot status, when detect insertion event, turn ON, otherwise, turn off. when transfer data with card, then will flashing

Others same as USB Reader, please check USB Reader Manual.

Reader firmware upgrade

The reader support upgrade the firmware, you can connect a Micro USB cable to your Windows computer, and download our latest SDK, find update tool to do upgrade the fireware.

Before update the reader firmware, make sure your UID is default, which is all FF or empty, otherwise, please contact your supplier and they may provide to you a encrypted BIN file.

Reader UID Manaugement

The reader has support config the UID(User ID), this function using for distrubuitor, which can make a rules for end user, the UID means user ID, you can through seedcode to generate User ID, and such ID can be read by API, also the firmware encryted based on this ID, if end user wants update firmware, then the firmware must be encrypted with UID, otherwise, the reader cannot be update.